Body Makeover Combo Weight loss


Body Makeover Combo: R420
• Weight loss pack is a Monthly supply, designed to kick start a journey towards losing excess weight and acquiring a sexy flat stomach.

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Body Makeover Combo: R420
• A full weight loss body makeover combo typically involves a comprehensive approach to transforming your body by focusing on losing weight and improving overall fitness. It can be consumed by both Man and Woman.

  • Full Body Weight Loss Transformation Box, consist of:
    1x Moringa sachets
    1x Spicy Capsicum sachets
    1x Flat Tummy Booster Capsules.
    1x Flat Tummy Power Oats.

Moringa Tea Sachets:
•Helps you get a flat stomach
•Appetite suppressant
•Increases energy
•Reduces bloat

Spicy Capsicum sachets
• Boosts immunity
• High in capsicum, which relieves joint pain and inflammation
• Boosts metabolism
• Anti-irritant, anti-allergenic and antibacterial
• Reduces cholesterol levels
• Rich in antioxidants
• Sinus relief
• Improves circulation

Flat Stomach Power Oats:                                                                                                                                                                    Benefits:
•Support weight Management
•Helps your digestive system
•Regulates your appetite
• Low in Calories


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